Danny’s Sample Post #1


Hi, I am Danny Mueller, CPA and founder of CPA+, PLC.  I have been in public accounting and income tax arena since 1976. I am originally from a small community in southwest Oklahoma. My father operated a small auto repair business in that community and I worked for him throughout high school and while I was going to college.  From that experience I developed a love for the small business owner and an appreciation of the hopes, dreams and struggles of operating a small business.

            While I was at college my father died suddenly from a heart attack and I was forced with the decision of running his business or selling it.  I really wanted to be an accountant and I hoped to sell his business to help support my mother.  Much to my surprise and dismay, I learned that when the business owner dies so does the business.  I was really saddened by seeing my dad’s business that he so cherished basically being auctioned away for “pennies on the dollar”.

            This had an impact on me.  How could I help the business owner realize their dreams for their business?

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