Danny’s Sample Post #2


I have built two accounting businesses.  The first one was built and sold during the 1980’s.  I relocated and began building the current accounting practice in 1989 in a new area with no clients.  So I have experienced first hand the same struggles that every business owner experiences.  Getting customers, hiring and managing employees, meeting payroll, rent, bills, cash flow and all the stresses of running a business.  I            have been successful twice in this endeavor and from it I can relate to the business owner.

            The business owner faces the threat of extinction on a daily basis.  The statistics are alarming.  Statistics claim that most businesses fail in the first two years.  Actually it is worse than that.  Statistically 17 out of 18 businesses do not survive beyond 8 years. That means that if your business is not older than 8 years, chances are it will not make it.

            The business needs help to survive.  Our education system does very little to prepare the business owner for what he faces everyday in an attempt to thrive and survive.  They need a good business advisor to go to for advice and practical business solutions.  That is what a good CPA should be…..

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