How To Compare Accounting Services Without Being An Expert!!!

Compare Accounting services of various Accountancy firms with each other to find the one that benefits YOU most…
The simple points to evaluate and compare Accounting services

Comparing accounting services is usually a difficult task for a business owner. It appears one would need to BE an accountant in order to have the needed expertise to really tell which service would be the best for you.

But it isn’t so. You can simply create a LIST of what YOU want and need – and then simply ask different accounting firms how their service meets with your requirements.

The important thing is to look at it solely from YOUR viewpoint and not go into anything else.

On this page, we’ve compiled the most important points. Each point gives a short introduction and leads to a full-length article.

Just pick the ones you agree with… and start calling!

How easy is it to understand everything that the Accountant tells you?

A business owner is usually all too willing to accept fault when he finds it hard to understand what his accountant is telling him.

This is noble but not necessarily wise.

For what good is information that cannot be understood? Should YOU have to become an Accounting Professional just so you could COMPREHEND what your monthly accounts signify… or should it be the accountant whose task it is to TELL you?

In the final analysis, isn’t it the RESULTING UNDERSTANDING you really pay for?

INSIDER TIP: If you DON’T understand what the accountant tells you, if you find your mind wandering when he talks… consider whether it’ll get any better once you sign onto his services.

The degree of tailoring the Accounting service to your individual needs and wishes?

There’s a tremendous amount of insight available just with the BASIC accounting services – but only if you demand for it.

It isn’t the routine work of keeping books that is different firm to firm. It is the degree of attention YOUR company is given – and the willingness to tailor the service precisely according to your individual needs and wishes.

What information do YOU need in particular? In which form, how often – and how fast? What loses you money… what gives you an opportunity to increase your turnover or profit?

There are a huge number of questions that must be asked before an individually tailored accounting service can be OFFERED.

INSIDER TIP: Obviously, the MORE the Accountant interviews and asks you BEFORE he gives you a quote, the likelier the service he is creating is to be tailored to your individual needs and wishes.

It needn’t be more expensive, mind you.

Is the Accountant monitoring the Key Figures of your financial development on monthly basis?

If you are an expert in interpreting spreadsheets and converting the figures in monthly accounts into understandable monitoring of your finances, you might not need this service.

(If you are an expert but don’t find the time to do it routinely every month immediately upon receiving the previous month’s figures, then you may well WANT this service performed regardless!)

Obviously, the Key Figures must be tailored precisely according to your own needs and wishes before they CAN be monitored, which takes us back to the tailoring of accounting services.

To a business, the monitoring the Key Figures ROUTINELY and SOON after the month’s end is what headlights are to a car travelling at 70 mph in the dark of the night.

The brighter the headlights, the better you see what lies ahead. Avoiding barriers and utilising the fastest routes by orientating correctly, knowing your exact position at all times… it all makes a difference at the end of the day.

With dim or no lights, you CAN forge ahead. But it cannot but slow you down – and increase the element of chance in reaching your set goal.

Yet, the brightest of headlights can be EASILY obtained from an accounting service.

It doesn’t need to be very complicated at all. Even the simplest of monitoring & reporting services will greatly decrease your dependency on chance.

Does the Accounting service include a monthly consultation to keep you updated on development of your fiscal?

A simple monthly financial consulting service based on your monthly accounts gives you an instant advantage over your competitors by using an accountant to help analyze the monthly development of different areas in your business.

It sounds more complicated than it is.

Here’s what it is: Once a month, you sit down – face to face or by telephone – and talk over the previous month’s figures with your accountant.

They should explain each of the Key Figure’s ramifications to the various activities and fields of your business. He should give you the KNOWLEDGE of where you are, how last month compared with previous months’ output and the target you set for it… things like that.

The importance and VALUE of this type of informal once-a-month consultation cannot be overstated. It has to be experienced to fully appreciate how much EASIER it makes your work.

Decisions are hard only because we don’t have exact data on which to base the decision. With a monthly consultation like this you will not only have the data – you will have a certainty beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

And isn’t that what running a business is really all about – the attainment of CERTAINTY in as many subjects as possible?

He who is certain, knows. And if he has had his facts checked and double-checked by an Accounting Professional, he is also going to make easier and more correct decisions!

Are the benefits of the Accounting service sufficient compared to your true potential?

The claimed and/or received benefits of an accounting services should, of course, be evaluated in the light of true potentials.

Your true potential may be greater than you realize.

The true potential of accounting may also exceed the commonly recognized degree.

Accounting often concentrates on the PROBLEM-side of things. But that’s really only HALF of the picture… and, definitely, the unpleasant part.

But, where there’s business activity, new opportunities are born every month. There’s always SOME positive trends developing in ANY business activity – it would be impossible not to have BOTH good and less-desirable trends in any activity.

Yet, we seldom search for those positive trends.

Imagine what it would mean to have your Accounting Professional actively search for the good news every month, monitoring your accounts so as to bring those good news and opportunities to you?

In fact, if all you’d do is to nip the problems at bud, that alone would logically create circumstances wherein DOZENS of positive trends would emerge.

And each of those would actually be the beginning of a very profitable opportunity.

Nothing brings on success with more certainty than routinely finding the POSITIVE developments in a business activity and strengthening those consistently.

The difference in potential makes it vital to define your own requirements & needs very precisely.

A business owner and an accounting service are not easy to match perfectly. While the technology of accounting is standard, each accountant has his or her own methods, preferences and service policies.

The challenge is matching your needs and wishes with a firm that has similar methods and service.

The better YOU have defined your own requirements and wishes, the likelier you are to find an accounting firm that matches what YOU want.

For this purpose, we offer a special introductory service called the Business Owner’s Accountancy Requirements Analysis.

This service will help you define PRECISELY which kind of accounting service would benefit your needs and wishes best. It will also answer most of the questions YOU have on Accounting and finance.

This is the best part: You will find out exactly WHAT type of Accounting service would serve YOUR needs and wishes best.

And now, you can find this out without ANY decision to change Accountants.

We know and respect the fact that you are not going to change your accountant unless you are personally completely convinced it would save you a considerable amount of time, effort and expense.

You’re welcome to use the information you receive in re-negotiating your service agreement with your current Accountant.

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