The 7 SECRETS… Every Taxpayer Should Know About This Year’s New Confusing Tax Laws!

Dear Mr. or Ms. Taxpayer,

Congress has passed some very confusing new tax laws which go into effect THIS tax season! By changing everything around, Congress (and the IRS) have made filing an accurate tax return almost impossible for regular hard-working taxpayers like you!

But that’s NOT the worst part!

New complicated tax laws including the NEW EARNED INCOME CREDIT change
could stop many people from receiving tax refunds from Uncle Sam which are supposed to be theirs!

And you can rest assured no IRS agent is going to show up on your door step offering to give you an extra check for the tax refund money you didn’t know how to claim. (But if you owe THEM money … now that’s a different story. They’ll be on you like white on rice!)

Oh, and just for the record, many tax experts are predicting an increase in IRS audits after the April 15th deadline. Why? Well, since there are so many new tax law changes affecting this year’s tax filing season, the IRS computer “check system” is expected to pick up a higher number of “red flagged” tax returns.

And with an increase in “incorrectly” filed tax returns comes the assurance of more nasty IRS letters and the possibility of those seemingly “never-ending” IRS agents following up for years. (Boy you want to talk about bureaucratic red tape … I’ve seen a simple mistake on a 1040 tax return never get resolved for close to two years just because the person could never talk to the same IRS agent!)

Obviously, dealing with the IRS alone (especially THIS tax season) is NOT recommended if you want real peace of mind once you’ve filed your tax return.

So Read The Following SECRETS Before Filing Your Tax Return This Year!

The 7 Things Most Taxpayers Get Wrong When Filing Their Tax Return With The IRS:

1.  THE NUMBERS DON’T ADD UP! Yes, it’s true. Few people know (and those folks probably wouldn’t tell you) the biggest problem the IRS has when checking tax returns is the math is wrong! And 99% of those incorrectly calculated tax returns are prepared by hand. (Dirty Little Secret: Make sure you file your tax return on a computer generated tax form. Just this alone will reduce many possible mistakes, increase the efficiency with which your tax return gets accepted by the IRS and drastically lower your chances of an IRS audit compared to a tax return prepared manually.)

2.  SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER(S) ARE WRONG! You’d think something as simple as inputting a social security number onto a tax form would be the easy part of preparing a tax return. Well, while it is easy, it still is the second biggest problem area the IRS has. If your S.S. #, your spouses’ and even your kids’ nine digit number is off just by one number, the whole tax return is going to get rejected by the IRS which will delay your refund. (* SECRET: Taxpayers NOT electronically filing their tax return leave themselves vulnerable to IRS employees making input errors on their tax return.) *This is especially frustrating when you have been careful to get all of the social security numbers correct on your tax return and seasonal, part-time “key punch” operator makes a mistake which causes unwanted delays on the acceptance of your tax return.

3.  INCORRECT CLAIMING OF DEPENDENTS! There are so many stipulations for who or whom you may or may not claim as a dependent that it is only logical this is a major problem area for people trying to file their taxes with the IRS. SECRET: A common dependent not claimed by families is an elderly parent living in the home. Another common dependent problem happens when a person tries to claim head of household, but does so with unqualified dependents. No matter what your situation is, re- review the “Personal Exemptions & Dependent” sections in your federal tax booklet.CAUTION: The IRS will throw the book at you for getting this one wrong. Many dishonest people try and defraud the government in this area.

4.  EARNED INCOME CREDIT VIOLATIONS! This is another major area where fraud takes place in our tax system and the IRS is cracking down more than ever! If you think you qualify for the EIC, read over this section carefully in your IRS booklet (especially since the IRS will randomly pull an extra 12,000 EIC tax returns for review this year.) SECRET: There are so many NEW LEGAL ways to receive some form of the EIC credit, many people file their taxes unknowingly and leave hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars unclaimed that’s supposed to be theirs! Don’t make that mistake!

5.  NEW CHILD TAX CREDITS! These forms are extremely complicated and most taxpayers will need a computer program just to get the math calculations correct. SECRET: Unlike most tax breaks which only adjust your income before computing the tax, this is a credit which reduces your TAX LIABILITY dollar for dollar!

6.  REDUCE CHANCES OF IRS AUDIT! This question gets asked a lot, “How can I reduce my chances of being audited by the IRS?” SECRET: Electronically file your tax return instead of mailing it. EF returns get accepted by the IRS the next day and are rarely ever reviewed again by IRS agents for audit.Little Known “Scary”Fact: One of the biggest reasons for audits is because of mistakes made by the IRS. In 1998, the IRS received over 85 million paper tax returns. The IRS hires employees for the tax season at minimum wage. Those underpaid employees must wade through stacks of returns. It’s difficult to scan returns into computers because people fill them out on manual typewriters, with ballpoint pens, even in crayon. Teams of IRS workers tear open millions of tax returns, sort the paper and checks into slots at worn, wooden tables and then stamp a number on each by hand and then manually enter sensitive financial information into computers. The average warehouse is spread over seven acres. Is there any wonder the IRS will make a mistake. (Sounds like another “Florida Recount” situation to me.)

With electronic filing there’s no chance of a mistaken keystroke or a return placed in the wrong wooden slot. Nobody has to try and read a taxpayer’s handwriting in crayon. Heck, if you owe money you can authorize the bank to electronically take the money from your checking account which eliminates them loosing the check! ELECTRONIC FILING SHOULD BE THE ONLY WAY YOU FILE YOUR RETURN!

7.  FILE BY THE APRIL 15TH DEADLINE EVEN IF YOU CAN’T PAY! For all you people who will be writing a check to Uncle Sam this year, please remember this. SECRET: Filing your taxes on time (and at least paying a $1) is better than filing a tax return AFTER April 15th! You will still owe money to the federal government, but at least you will not have to pay the LATE-FILING PENALTY!

Here’s how you can “NEVER Have To Worry About Your Taxes Again!!” All you have to do is … Choose Us To Professionally Prepare And Electronically File Your Taxes This Year!

As a taxpayer, you need to protect yourself from filing an “incorrect” tax return and missing out on the BIGGEST POSSIBLE REFUND available from Uncle Sam.

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