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ATTENTION: Hard-working Oklahoma taxpayers!!

“You are Missing Valuable Tax Deductions Right Now that Are Potentially Costing You Thousands of Dollars in Tax Savings”

Don’t Let Uncle Sam “Keep” Any Of Your Hard-Earned Money. Learn the Legal SECRET Of Filing your Tax Return And NOT Over-Paying
(With NO Fear Of An IRS Audit!)

Dear Taxpayer:

Congress has passed some very confusing new tax laws, which go into effect THIS tax season! By changing everything around, Congress (and the IRS) have made filing an accurate tax return almost impossible for regular hard-working taxpayers like you!But that’s NOT the worst part, especially for taxpayers with kids!

    New, complicated tax laws and the uncertainty of
    additional child credit forms could stop many people from
    receiving tax refunds from Uncle Sam which are
    supposed to be theirs!

And you can rest assured no IRS agent is going to show up on the door step of your home and offer to give you an extra check for the tax refund money you didn’t know how to claim. (But if you owe THEM money…now that’s a different story. They’ll be on you like the siding’s on your house!)
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Oh, and just for the record, many tax experts are predicting an increase in IRS audits after the April 15th deadline. Why? Well, since there are so many new tax law changes affecting this year’s tax filing season, the IRS computer “check system” is expected to pick up a higher number of “red flagged” tax returns.

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And with an increase in “incorrectly” filed tax returns comes the assurance of more nasty IRS letters coming to your NEW address and the possibility of those seemingly “never-ending” stream of IRS agents hassling you for years.

(Boy you want to talk about bureaucratic red tape… I saw a family make a simple mistake on a Schedule A form dealing with home deductions, and it never got resolved for close to two years just because the homeowners could never talk to the same IRS agent!)

Obviously, dealing with the IRS alone
(especially THIS tax season)
is NOT recommended if you want real peace of mind
once you’ve filed your tax return.
So what should you do about it?

(Good question.)

So here’s a GOOD answer.

You should choose a tax professional to help you this year. And THIS tax season, a CPA Plus+ tax professional is going to be your best choice!

CPA Plus+ Promises To Prepare Your Tax Return
Correctly So You’ll Be “Keeping” The Money That’s
Supposed To Be Yours, With No Fear Of An

Now this is excellent news for YOU, since you ARE a hard-working taxpayer, but there’s more!

Not only are you covered like a blanket with CPA Plus+ “Never-Worry-About-Your-Taxes-Again!” ACCURACY GUARANTEE, but since you are a hard-working taxpayer, you’re entitled to a Special Internet $20 OFF Tax Preparation Discount Certificate!

But Wait , there’s MORE!

Once we’ve prepared your tax return and CPA Plus+ has placed its “Guaranteed Correct – Seal of Approval,” we will actually electronically file your taxes for FREE!Amazing!

Well, it’s true!

You see, CPA Plus+ has been preparing tax returns for people like you for over 12 years. So when we say we take care of our customers, WE REALLY MEAN: WE TAKE CARE OF OUR CUSTOMERS!

  • NO more worrying if your taxes are filed right.
  • NO more time wasted at night after work (or worse, during YOUR weekend off) trying to figure out all these new forms and which ones you’re actually supposed to use.
  • NO more pressure! (Which means definitely NO more stress!)

Doesn’t it make sense to give all that worrying, pressure and stress to someone else for a change?

Sure it does! (Especially since everyone likes to enjoy their “free time” after work and on weekends!).

Look, CPA Plus+ tax professionals handle tax issues day after day, year after year, EVEN AFTER April 15th! That means no guess work on our part.

Picture it: Your tax return filed right with the IRS (never having a panic attack about that middle of April deadline) SO YOU CAN SLEEP LIKE A BABY AT NIGHT! And for those of you getting a tax refund this year, here’s some MORE great news!

“We promise to get our clients the BIGGEST and FASTED tax refunds allowed by the IRS – GUARANTEED!”

And by the way, many of our clients take advantage of our “NO MONEY PAID UP FRONT” Electronic Filing Services. So if you don’t have any extra money laying around, don’t worry about it! All your fees can come right out of your check so you don’t have to pay any money up front.

Remember, NO APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY! (But if you would like an appointment, we can easily make arrangements to fit your schedule.) We’re open  M-Th 9:00 am – 5:00 pm am &  Fri, Sat 9:00 am – noon. These hours sometimes change during tax season depending on the office, so please call ahead before you come.CPA Plus+ will give you MORE for your money than any other business in town. Plus your satisfaction is TOTALLY GUARANTEED, or I don’t want you to pay me a dime!!


And just as a reminder, here are the top 10 reasons why hard-working taxpayers like you keep choosing CPA Plus+ year after year to professionally prepare or electronically file their taxes.
Top 10 Reasons Taxpayers Choose CPA Plus+ !

  1. “Never-Worry-About-Your-Taxes Again” ACCURACY GUARANTEE!
  2. FREE Electronic filing (with paid tax preparation)
  3. Same Day Tax Preparation (on most returns)
  4. “No Wait EXPRESS Drop Off” Service (2 day turn around)
  5. “NO MONEY UP FRONT” Electronic Filing Services
  6. BIGGEST and FASTEST tax refunds allowed by the IRS-GUARANTEED!
  7. ONE Day Refund Anticipation loans (for qualified clients)
  8. Experienced Preparers who won’t be “practicing” on your return.
  9. Your Choice To Set Up An Appointment or Not
  10. $100  OFF Tax Preparation Internet Discount Certificate

You see, there even more reasons CPA Plus+ is your best choice for a professional tax business to help you deal with the IRS this year. (Remember: dealing with the IRS alone could be hazardous to your health AND your bank account!) The choice is clear: CPA Plus+ should be the first place a TAXPAYER calls BEFORE filing a tax return this year. So go ahead. Pick up the phone and give us a call. I GUARANTEE you’ll be glad you did!