Top 10 Reasons to Choose CPA Plus+ to Prepare Your Taxes

  • Get Your Tax Refund in One Day!
  • Once you qualify and are accepted by the bank for a “One Day Refund Anticipation Loan,” we will have your refund loan check for you the next day. You just give us all the necessary information and we’ll do the rest.

  • Instant Electronic Filing for FREE!
  • Stop waiting 6 to 10 weeks to get tax refund. When we prepare your tax return and place our “Guaranteed Correct -Seal of Approval,” we’ll automatically file it for you electronically at no charge. Now you’ll receive your money in 2 to 3 weeks instead of 6 – 10 weeks using old-fashioned ground postage.

  • Your Taxes Prepared in One Visit!
  • Your taxes can be prepared in one visit when you bring in all of your tax information ready to be filed. In many cases, even if your tax situation is complex, we still may be able to complete your return in one visit. You’ll be in and out in one painless visit and your money will be on its way to your doorstep within hours.

  • Drop Off Your Paperwork and Leave!
  • We know you’re in a hurry. Our “No Wait EXPRESS Drop Off” service allows you to drop off your paperwork and leave. No unnecessary waiting like you do in the doctors’ office. If we have any questions we’ll call you at your office or home to ask you any questions we may have as we prepare your tax return.  If we have any questions we’ll call you at your office or home to ask you any questions we may have as we prepare your tax return.

  • Get the BIGGEST Tax Refunds Allowed by the IRS!
  • Through our thorough interview process, we are able to dig out and uncover additional deductions, which most taxpayers are simply not aware of. Not even the “so-called” tax pros are aware of some of the deductions we legally provide for our clients. You can be assured that we’ll fight for every deductible penny and leave no stone unturned in finding the maximum amount of deductions allowable by the government.

  • We Can Prepare Your Return…No Matter What State You’ve Worked In
  • Whether you worked in Hawaii or Alaska, we can prepare your return accurately and completely. This is especially valuable for you or your-out-of-town friends that have just moved into the area. No matter where in the US you worked (or lived), if you need to “get it straight” with Uncle Sam, we will be able to help you.

  • We GUARANTEE the Accuracy of Your Tax Return!
  • We offer a “Total Tax Return -Peace of Mind” Accuracy Guarantee on ALL tax returns we prepare in our office. If we prepare your tax return it will be completely accurate and correct. If there is EVER a problem with your tax return, we will fix and pay any penalties and/or interest on our mistake. Now’s that peace of mind!

  • We’re Not Going Anywhere! (We Haven’t for 20 Years)
  • Over the past 20 years, we’ve prepared thousands of tax returns for Oklahoma businesses and individuals. We’ve seen a lot of “fly-by-night” tax preparation businesses come and go over the years but we’ve been quietly and consistently hammering out money-saving returns for deserving small businesses and residents of Oklahoma. You can trust that we’ll be here tomorrow.

  • We Don’t Close Our Doors After April 15th!
  • You can come by and get your questions answered year round. In fact, we’re just getting started on April 15th. Throughout the year we our going full-throttle doing “the books” and solving tax problems for our clients. Just in case you get one of those nasty letters from the IRS this summer, we’ll be around to help you out. You shouldn’t have to deal with the IRS alone (That’s one the reasons you’re choosing us to be “on YOUR side” in the first place!)

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