Samantha’s Sample Post #2


Now with two children in college, and another right behind, believe me when I tell you that I needed to find all the ways to help pay for that without going broke!  This drive has led me to a lot of valuable information that I just didn’t previously know!  Wow!  If a CPA didn’t know this information, who does?  Well, not really that many people, and there are a lot of myths out there!

 This is what led me to be passionate about helping others figure out a way to pay for their children’s education without wrecking their finances completely.  A lot of parents want to pay for their children’s education; however, not at the expense of their retirement!   Which is what I see happen sometimes.  When it comes down to it, we really don’t have an education funding problem.  Why?   Well, we can borrow money for college, but we can’t borrow money for retirement!!!!

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