I was very surprised and pleased to receive a refund this year – my first year with you.  My friend’s accountant that I was referred to did not seem to know how to take care of some business expenses I had.  You were able to properly take care of these.  I found your ad in the phone book to be the best of several I looked at.  It mentions your expertise in helping small business and offers a free consultation to start.

Debra Jo C

Doing my taxes with CPA + (Danny Mueller) has been a peace of mind.  Since I had started to send my paperwork to CPA + 2 years ago, my family can be sure we are getting very professional attention and a fair return for a fair fee.

Jose B.

We were referred to CPA + by our insurance agent. This was the first time (2008) that we did not do our own taxes and had recently begun a small business.  We were totally scared of the unknown.  Mr. Mueller met with us in July 2008 to discuss what we needed to do, he answered our questions and we were confident we had chosen the right CPA.  In Feb. 2009, we turned in our paperwork to Mr. Mueller and with ease and much surprise we received a nice return.  It makes me wonder of all those years of doing my own taxes if there should have been more returns than tax due.  We will continue to do business with CPA + and highly recommend them to all.

Wesley & Amy M.

Danny understood my situation of trying to start a new business while still working another job.  His ideas saved me money over some of the ideas I had researched.  He was very encouraging and has worked with many businesses that started as I have, and have since grown.  I have confidence that he can help me through all of the stages of my business.

Meredith I.

My husband and I were disappointed with the lack of interest from our past preparer in seeking eligible deductions for our personal income taxes so we changed to CPA + a couple of years ago.  Now we feel we are getting the deductions we should be getting and have the bonus of a helpful courteous staff to answer our questions!  Our taxes and my LLC business matters are completed in a timely manner and with the confidence that any concerns will be responded to quickly and accurately.

Arnie & Sherry B.

We changed to Danny 4 years ago – he does an awesome job!!  But due to health reasons we did stray – and well bad idea.  We live quite always from Edmond so we thought we would find someone closer to home.  Never again.  We came back just weeks later.  There is absolutely no comparison to Danny at CPA Plus!  If you need a miracle and others say there is no way out, call Danny, he has your miracle waiting for you!

Donald & Lisa E.

I have been with CPA + for 9 years, the 1st year I took the previous year taxes and they got me a 3k refund and a refund every year since.  I not only have my personal taxes, I have all my business processed with CPA + as well.  I have turned quite a few friends and business referrals to CPA + and have not had not one disappointed referrals yet!  I will still continue to refer people to CPA +.  CPA + is a step ahead of the comp.

Charles G.

I came to Danny’s office as a new divorcee from California.  I went to H & R Block for my tax preparation and was told I would have to pay $10,000 in taxes.  When my friend heard this she told me about Danny.  Danny redid my tax preparations and I came out in the black!  He understood mutual funds very well!  Thanks to my friend, God and Danny!

Carolyn M.

CPA + makes tax time a time I look forward to!

Jackie M.

Danny was a life-saver for me.  I had just sold the family farm and thought the taxes were going to be a nightmare.  But Danny knew what to do and made it painless.  I appreciate the job he did for me.

Thanks Danny!
Helen T.